Hotel Content Liquidators LLC (HCL) provides profitable and timely liquidation service to independent hotel owners, management companies, financial institutions, hotel chains, construction companies and demolition contractors. Our team's hotel liquidation experience and expertise enables HCL to offer our clients several options to dispose of used or surplus furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) when the hotel is renovating, refurbishing, converting or being demolished.


  1. On-Site Public Sales - When the hotel is being completely renovated or demolished and will be closed for a period of time, HCL will conduct a controlled public sale from the premises.

  2. On-Site Private Sale - HCL conducts this type of sale from a property that is renovating and will not completely close or when conditions require that sales be conducted by invitation only.

  3. Renovate-Remain Open & Off-Sites Sales - In instances when the FF&E cannot be sold directly from the property, HCL utilizes our international network in the industry for the disposition and timely removal of the used or surplus FF&E. 

CONSULTING SERVICES - HCL's division, Hotel Consulting and Liquidating Services, LLC, assists clients throughout the United States and Caribbean at the onset of their project to provide a comprehensive liquidation plan.  HCL's planning incorporated into the property improvement plans (PIP's) ensures that our clients are provided with an efficient liquidation plan performed by an experienced company at the onset of their project.  This early planning saves our clients time as they are able to begin and complete their renovations on schedule and receive maximum revenue for their surplus FF&E. 

INSTALLATION AND WAREHOUSING - If your project requires warehousing of new FF&E and installation, contact HCL for a complete bid for liquidation, installation and warehousing. 

MOVIE SET SALES AND RENTALS - When you go to the movies, chances are you've seen HCL's furniture!  HCL has been retained by several movie set companies to locate and provide furniture, fixtures and equipment for their movie sets in the United States and Caribbean.

APPRAISAL SERVICES - HCL provides appraisal services to document the fair market value of a property's assets for hotel owners, financial institutions, insurance companies and purchasers of hotels to establish inventory value.   

Contact HCL today and let our experienced team create a solution for you.

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